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  1. Lipomas arising in the parietal peritoneum are rare, and some of them cause abdominal pain due to torsion of the pedunculated peritoneum. We encountered a case of parietal peritoneal lipoma arising upper perit...

    Authors: Yu Dohmoto, Yoshimasa Akashi, Koichi Ogawa, Tsuyoshi Enomoto, Yusuke Ohara, Yohei Owada and Tatsuya Oda
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:200
  2. The management of a pregnancy in a bicornuate uterus is particularly challenging. A bicornuate uterus is a rare occurrence and a twin pregnancy in a bicornuate uterus even more rare. These pregnancies call for...

    Authors: Melanie Schubert, Anastasia Tihon, Kristin Andresen, Zino Ruchay, André Farrokh, Nicolai Maass, Philipp Elischer, Ann Carolin Longardt, Karolin Tesch, Annett Lebenatus, Magret Krüger and Ibrahim Alkatout
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:196
  3. Immunoglobulin G4-related disease is an inflammatory disease affecting multiple organs including the kidney. Immunoglobulin G4-related kidney disease most commonly manifests as a tubulointerstitial nephritis a...

    Authors: Amy Needleman, Michael Sheaff, Ruth J. Pepper and Rhys D. R. Evans
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:192
  4. Renal artery pseudoaneurysm following partial nephrectomy is a rare entity, the incidence of this entity is more common following penetrating abdominal injuries, percutaneous renal interventions such as percut...

    Authors: Ravi Mohan Mavuduru, Shiraz Akif Mohd Ziauddin, Girdhar Singh Bora and Ujjwal Gorsi
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:191
  5. Gas extravasation complications arising from perforated diverticulitis are common but manifestations such as pneumoperitoneum, pneumoretroperitoneum, and pneumomediastinum happening at the same time are exceed...

    Authors: H. Hafiani, N. Bouknani, E. M. Choukri, R. Charif Saibari and A. Rami
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:187
  6. Hamartoma is a common benign tumor that usually occurs in the kidney, liver, lung, and pancreas. Large renal hamartomas may spontaneously rupture and hemorrhage, which is potentially life-threatening.

    Authors: Jianhua Zhang, Tao Zhen, Hongmei Jian, Jinlan Yang and Ni Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:208
  7. Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (PMVT) is an unstable and often fatal cardiac tachyarrhythmia. While there are many causes of this rhythm, including electrolyte imbalances, ischemia, and genetic disorders,...

    Authors: Jessica Mao, Allison Komatsu Chang, Stephen Chin, Komal Preet, Nare Torosyan, Sarmen Sarkissian and Joseph Ebinger
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:186
  8. Focal nodular hyperplasia is a common nonmalignant liver mass. This nonvascular lesion is an uncommon mass in children, especially those with no predisposing factors, namely radiation, chemotherapy, and hemato...

    Authors: Mani Moayerifar, Pirouz Samidoust, Mahboobeh Gholipour, Maziar Moayerifar, Athar Zamani, Niloofar Poorheravi and Selvana Poursadrolah
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:185
  9. Wandering spleen (or ectopic spleen) refers to a hyper-mobile spleen resulting in its displacement from the normal anatomical position to usually in the lower abdominal or pelvic cavity. While ultrasound is of...

    Authors: Salaar Ahmed, Shahid Iqbal, Shariqa Batool and Rizwan Khan
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:181
  10. Total pelvic exenteration is the ultimate solution for rectovesicovaginal fistula caused by radiation therapy, yet total pelvic exenteration frequently causes intraoperative complications and postoperative com...

    Authors: Wujian Lin, Bing Yao, Jiahui He, Shuangyan Lin, Yafei Wang, Fangting Chen, Weichao Zhang, Jiashu Yang, Zhihong Ye, Jianguang Qiu and Yuling Wang
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:207
  11. Hypocalcaemia is a rare, but reversible, cause of dilated cardiomyopathy causing heart failure. Several case reports have been reported on reversible cardiomyopathy secondary to hypocalcaemia.

    Authors: Nilushka Rupasinghe, Priyanga Ranasinghe and Leonard Wanninayake
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:204
  12. Paratesticular cellular angiofibroma is a rare benign mesenchymal tumor. The optimal management is surgical resection due to the difficulty of preoperative accurate diagnosis.

    Authors: Takaya Murashima, Kazutaka Kida, Toshihiro Gi, Takuya Hida, Masato Fujii, Takahiro Nagai, Hiroki Takamori, Shoichiro Mukai, Yuichiro Sato and Toshiyuki Kamoto
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:170
  13. Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase deficiency is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by impaired gluconeogenesis. Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 (FBP1) mutations demonstrate ethnic patterns. For instance, T...

    Authors: Maher Almousa, Mohammad Aljomaa, Shekhey Hamey and Diana Alasmar
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:166
  14. Herpes zoster is a common disease that can affect men and women at any age. Sensory neuropathy is the most common complication while motor neuropathy of the abdominal muscles is rare complication appearing in ...

    Authors: Toshihiko Yagyu, Yoshikazu Yakami and Tomoki Bando
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:165
  15. Graves’ disease is the autoimmune activation of the thyroid gland causing diffuse enlargement and hyperfunction of the gland. Manifestations of Graves’ disease are multisystemic and include thyroid orbitopathy...

    Authors: Loay Tashkandi, Afaf Alsagheir, Saud Alobaida and Raghad Alhuthil
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:164
  16. Considering the enormous burden represented by the opioid use disorder (OUD), it is important to always consider, when implementing opioid agonist therapy (OAT), the potential impact on patient’s adherence, qu...

    Authors: Claudio Pierlorenzi, Marco Nunzi, Sabino Cirulli, Giovanni Francesco Maria Direnzo, Lucia Curatella, Sandra Liberatori, Annalisa Pascucci, Edoardo Petrone, Generoso Ventre, Concettina Varango, Maria Luisa Pulito, Antonella Varango, Cosimo Dandolo, Brunella Occupati, Roberta Marenzi and Claudio Leonardi
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:202
  17. S-lon® (S) is a locally produced polyvinyl chloride-based solvent cement. It is a clear, slightly viscous liquid. Other constituents include 1-cyclohexanone, 3-butanone, and 1-acetone. It is used ubiquitously for...

    Authors: S. R. Marambahewa, D. A. C. T Chandrasiri, W. A. I. C. Wijesekara and B. M. Munasinghe
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:155
  18. A long-term ruxolitinib-treated patient with primary myelofibrosis, who was co-infected with aspergillosis infection during a short period, developed acute invasive fungal sinusitis with consequent orbit apex ...

    Authors: Zhiyuan Tang and Zhaohui Shi
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:199
  19. The activity level of alkaline phosphatase, a zinc-requiring enzyme in the serum, is used to indicate zinc nutritional status; however, it does not correlate with serum zinc levels or subjective symptoms of ta...

    Authors: Ken-ichiro Sakata, Ayako Hashimoto, Taiho Kambe, Jun Sato, Noritaka Ohga, Yutaka Yamazaki, Masahide Koyachi, Itagaki Tatsuki, Mai Okada, Okura Taro, Hiroshi Hikasa and Yoshimasa Kitagawa
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:198
  20. The main cause of vocal cord palsy (VCP) is idiopathic impairment of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN). However, solid tumors along the pathway of the RLN can also impact the nerve’s function. We presented a...

    Authors: Andrii Hryshchyshyn, Andrii Bahrii, Andrii Bazyshen and Hryhorii Bohush
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:149
  21. Collarbone fracture is a common injury, particularly among athletes involved in contact sports and participating in endurance activities. Conventional treatment requires surgery and postoperative immobilizatio...

    Authors: Lennart Gerdesmeyer, Rainer Burgkart and Amol Saxena
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:197
  22. To our knowledge, there is no previous report in the literature of non-traumatic neglected complete cervical spine dislocation characterized by anterior spondyloptosis of C4, extreme head drop, and irreducible...

    Authors: Camille Lecouvet, Pierre Geradon, Xavier Banse, Gauthier Rausin, Nicolas Guyot and Frederic E. Lecouvet
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:138
  23. Diabetes insipidus is a syndrome characterized by polyuria, which is almost always associated with polydipsia. The most frequent cause is central diabetes insipidus, which is the result of an inadequate secret...

    Authors: Anuradha Kadel, Nikita Kharal, Srijana Sapkota, Prakash Pokhrel, Arun Kumar Sharma, Aseem Bhattarai, Mithileshwer Raut, Raju Kumar Dubey, Eans Tara Tuladhar, Vijay Kumar Sharma and Apeksha Niraula
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:133
  24. Amyand’s hernia (AH) is an appendix (with or without acute inflammation) trapped within an inguinal hernia. Most AH with acute appendicitis had a preexisting appendix within the hernia sac. We herein report a ...

    Authors: Yau-Ren Chang, Yu-Tung Wu and Chi-Hsun Hsieh
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:194
  25. Plasmapheresis represent an alternative therapeutic option for hyperthyroidism with thyroid storm or refractory cases. It provides a rapid decrease in plasma thyroid hormones and anti-thyroid antibodies. The a...

    Authors: I. Rami, D. Zerrouki, I. Assarrar, S. Rouf and H. Latrech
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:193
  26. Choriocarcinoma is a rare and highly malignant form of gestational trophoblastic disease that may develop following pregnancy, abortion, or a hydatiform mole. Renal metastatic involvement by post molar chorioc...

    Authors: Mahsa Geravandi, Ali Hajihashemi, Atoosa Adibi and Reza Habibi Tirtashi
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:132
  27. Duplex or vermiform appendix refers to the presence of an appendix beside the naturally occurring one. Although, duplex appendix emerges from the caecum most of the time, yet it is encountered in other parts o...

    Authors: Ahmed Taha Elsherbini, Mohamed A. Atta, Sahar Elshahat and Mohamed H. Emara
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:188
  28. Pancreaticopleural fistula is a rare complication of pancreatitis and poses diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. This case report sheds light on the unique challenges posed by pancreaticopleural fistula as a...

    Authors: Milan Khadka, Suzit Bhusal, Binod Pantha, Rabin Gautam, Kapil Gautam and Ashlesha Chaudhary
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:131
  29. Fractures of the clavicle are common injuries, which often require reduction and internal fixation. Although Kirschner pins have been commonly used to treat these fractures with good results, migration of thes...

    Authors: Kaouther Ben Amara, Sarra Zairi, Bechir Ben Radhia, Mahdi Abdennadher, Hazem Zribi and Adel Marghli
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:184
  30. Brain abscesses are rare but potentially fatal condition and can be associated with cyanotic congenital heart disease of which 5–18.7% of these patients that develop cerebral abscess commonly have tetralogy of...

    Authors: Larrey Kasereka Kamabu, Franck Katembo Sikakulya, Louange Maha Kataka, Bives Nzanzu Mutume Vivalya, Hervé Monka Lekuya, Doomwin Oscar Deogratius Obiga, Juliet Nalwanga Sekabunga and Godfrey S. Bbosa
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:183
  31. Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase deficiency is a rare genetic disorder causing hereditary nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia. It is the second most common glycolytic enzymopathy in red blood cells. About 90 cases ar...

    Authors: Sissel Holme, Richard van Wijk, Andreas Ørslev Rasmussen, Jesper Petersen and Andreas Glenthøj
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:130
  32. Rosai-Dorfman disease (RDD) is a form of non-Langerhans cell histiocytosis in which the activated histiocytes of the lymph nodes and other organs begin to accumulate following excessive production. Bilateral, ...

    Authors: Tanapong Wongrat and Siripan Sangmala
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:182
  33. Trials of cholinergic and glutamatergic agents have improved cognition and memory for the geriatric schizophrenic population. Donepezil is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that improves cognition by preventin...

    Authors: Nkolika Odenigbo, Stanley Nkemjika, Ayodele Atolagbe, Christian Nwabueze, Connie Olwit, Jeffery Lawrence and Tolulope Olupona
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:129
  34. Breast metastasis from primary ovarian cancer is rare, with an estimated frequency of 0.07%. More than 110 cases are reported in the literature of metastatic spread of ovarian cancer to the breast and axilla. ...

    Authors: Sofia Dueño, Rachel Stein, Mohsin Jamal, Gregory Lewis and Karina Hew
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:127
  35. Stenotrophomonas maltophilia is a gram-negative bacteria known for causing opportunistic and nosocomial infections in humans. S. maltophilia is an emerging pathogen of concern due to it’s increasing prevalence, d...

    Authors: Williams Oluwatosin Adefila, Isaac Osie, Modou Lamin Keita, Baleng Mahama Wutor, Abdulsalam Olawale Yusuf, Ilias Hossain, Minteh Molfa, Ousman Barjo, Rasheed Salaudeen and Grant Mackenzie
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:180
  36. As an oncologic emergency related to abnormalities in calcium metabolism, hypercalcemia associated with paraneoplastic syndrome and bone metastases is well known. Meanwhile, the incidence of hypocalcemia is lo...

    Authors: Yurina Yanase, Hiroko Bando, Riko Sato, Tomohei Matsuo, Aya Ueda, Mai Okazaki, Sachie Hashimoto, Akiko Iguchi-Manaka and Hisato Hara
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:150
  37. Mature cystic teratoma of the ovary is classified among the benign ovarian germ cell neoplasms, and its malignant transformation occurs very rarely (in about 2%). As a result of nonspecific signs and symptoms,...

    Authors: Amir Masoud Jafari-Nozad, Najmeh Jahani and Narges Nazeri
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:145
  38. Menstruation is a developmental milestone and usually marks healthy and normal pubertal changes in females. Menarche refers to the onset of first menstruation in a female. The causes of primary amenorrhea incl...

    Authors: Shriya Devendra Tayade, Nadia Mehdi, Rajani Dube, Vaishnavi Bose, Ashna Ameer, Zainabsadat Tabatabaei Hakim and Arnaud Wattiez
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:126
  39. Dry needling is an intervention used by physiotherapists to manage muscle spasticity. We report the effects of three sessions of dry needling on ankle plantar flexor muscle spasticity and cortical excitabilit...

    Authors: Haniyeh Choobsaz, Nastaran Ghotbi and Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2024 18:125

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