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Figure 7

From: Simultaneous sleep study and nasoendoscopic investigation in a patient with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome refractory to continuous positive airway pressure: a case report

Figure 7

(A) Sleep endoscopy before ventilation. Extended periods of vibration of the walls of the oropharynx related to snores were observed. With the establishment of positive pressure ventilation, the nasopharynx subocclusion persisted up to 24 cmH2O inspiratory pressure and 16 cmH2O expiratory pressure. An unrolling of the epiglottis that collapsed the airway and provoked periods of O2 desaturation was also noted. (C) Sleep nasoendoscopy under continuous positive airway pressure with P > 16 cmH2O at 6 months after the initial presentation. In this evaluation, a marked reduction of the size of the nasopharynx, and a paresis of the left aryepiglotic fold with hypertrophy of the right one were noted.

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