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Archived Comments for: Marathon related death due to brainstem herniation in rehydration-related hyponatraemia: a case report

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  1. updated on pubished cases

    Axel Petzold, UCL

    29 September 2008

    coinciding with our publication Dr Arthur Siegel and colleagues published in The American Journal of Medicine 2007;120:461.e11-461.17 a study on 'hyponatremia in marathon runners due to inappropriate arginine vasopressin secretion'. In their paper the authors refer to one of the cases reported by us [reference 1].

    In order to update the data in our Table 1; the serum Na of this 32 year old runner was 123 mM, CT brain showed diffuse cerebral and pulmonary oedema.

    One further case not know to us at time of publication was a 24 year old female participating at a Marine Corps marathon. She had a serum Na of 113 mM, again with diffuse cerebral and pulmonary oedema.

    Axel Petzold

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