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Table 1 Laboratory investigation of the patient

From: Hyperammonemia of unknown cause in a young postpartum woman: a case report

Complete blood count Hemoglobin: 10 mg/dL
Hematocrit: 32%
Total leukocyte count: 10,000/mL
Platelets count: 51,000
Liver function tests Total bilirubin : 1.7 mg/dL
Alanine transaminase: 15 IU/L
Aspartate aminotransferase: 38 U/L
Gamma-glutamyl transferase: 16 IU/L
Alkaline phosphatase: 35 IU/L
Enzymes Trop-I : Negative
Procalcitonin : 8 ng/mL
Creatinine phosphokinase: 391 IU/L
Screening for infections Malaria parasite microscopy: Negative
Dengue ELISA : Negative
HIV ELISA: Negative
Hepatitis B antibody: Nonreactive
Hepatitis C antibody: Nonreactive
CFS examination Protein levels: 25 mg/dL
Glucose levels: 72 mg/dL
Chloride levels: 136 mg/100 mL
Leukocyte count 19 cells/µL (neutrophil 80% and lymphocyte 20%)