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Table 2 The diagnostic criteria in our patient

From: Vascular thromboses with retroperitoneal fibrosis: a case report

Diagnostic criteria Arguments
Clinical Lung: chest pain with hemoptoic sputum, bilateral nodular excavated lung lesions
Kidney: microscopic hematuria, positive urine sediment, 24-hour proteinuria
ENT: dysphonia, epistaxis, left ear deafness, subglottic stenosis on nasofibroscopy, perforation of the medial sinus wall
Ophthalmic: red eyes, bilateral episcleritis
Cardiovascular involvement: multiple thrombosis, circumferential pericardial effusion
Lumbar: lumbago, retroperitoneal fibrosis
Biology Anticytoplasmic neutrophil antibodies ANCA-PR3 positive at 63 IU/mL
Histology Biopsies not done because of the therapeutic emergency and the impossibility of stopping the anticoagulant treatment
  1. ENT: Eyes, Nose, Throat; ANCA-PR3: anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies proteinase 3