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Table 1 Laboratory findings of case 1

From: Median 10 years follow-up of patients with covert Cushing’s syndrome: a case series

Parameter Level/concentration
Hb (mg/dl) 15.7
Hct (%) 45
MCV (femtoliter) 84
TSH (mIU/L) 0.5
FT4 (ng/dl) 1.5
Potassium (mEq/L) 4
Total calcium (mg/dl) 9
Creatinine (mg/dl) 0.8
Basal cortisol (8 AM) (µg/dl) 37
1 mg overnight dexamethasone suppression test (µg/dl) 40
ACTH (pg/ml) 910
UFC (µg/dl/24 hours) 158
  1. Hb hemoglobin, Hct hematocrit, MCV mean cell volume, TSH thyroid stimulating hormone, FT4 free T4, ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone, UFC urine free cortisol