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Table 2 Laboratory investigations performed at the time of hospital admission

From: Acute motor-sensory axonal polyneuropathy variant of Guillain–Barre syndrome complicating the recovery phase of coronavirus disease 2019 infection: a case report

Laboratory investigations
Parameters Values Parameters Values
Complete blood count** Biochemistry**
Hb 14.8 g/dL Liver function test**
HCT 47.38%
WBC 16,900/μL AST 21 IU/L
Neutrophil 82%
Lymphocyte 11% ALT 11 IU/L
Eosinophil 0.5%
Monocyte 6% Total bilirubin 8 μmol/L
Basophil 0.5%
ABG Direct bilirubin 6.9 μmol/L
pH 7.21
PCO2 73 mmHg  Indirect bilirubin 2.1 μmol/L
PO2 54 mmHg
HCO3 31 mmHg Renal function test**
SPO2 84% BUN 5 μmol/L
COVID-19 serologic test* Creatinine 72 μmol/L
IgM Negative HbA1C** 5.1%
 IgG Positive FBS** 4.1 mmol/L
  1. FBG fasting blood glucose, HBA1c hemoglobin A1c, CREAT serum creatinine, BUN blood urea nitrogen, ALT serum alanine aminotransferase, AST serum aspartate aminotransferase, TBILL total bilirubin, CBC complete blood count, Hb hemoglobin, WBC total white blood cell count, PLT platelet count, N percentage of neutrophils, L percentage of lymphocytes, E percentage of eosinophils, M percentage of monocytes, PH power of hydrogen ion concentration, PCO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide in blood, PO2 partial pressure of oxygen in blood, HCO3- bicarbonate ion concentration, SPO2 oxygen saturation
  2. *The test was done at the end of the fourth week of disease.
  3. **The test was done during the first week of the second month of disease, during the hospital admission