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Table 1 Comparison of reported series of paraesophageal hernia repair: laparoscopic and robotic studies

From: Robotic voluminous paraesophageal hernia repair: a case report and review of the literature

 nMean OT (minutes)LOS (days)Conversion (%)Mortality (%)
Andujar et al. (2004) [15] (laparoscopic)1661603.91.20
Draaisma et al. (2008) [23] (robotic)401274.500
Braumann et al. (2008) [24] (robotic)141346.500
Galvani et al. (2016) [25] (robotic)611861.700
Gehrig et al. (2013) [21] (robotic)121727.880
Vasudevan et al. (2018) [26] (robotic)28832.803.4
Morelli et al. (2015) [27] (robotic)6182500
  1. OT operative time, LOS length of stay