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Table 1 Benign skin and mammary lesions that often cause misinterpretation with mammary Paget’s disease

From: Advanced lesions of synchronous bilateral mammary Paget’s disease: a case report

Differential diagnosis of mammary Paget’s disease Clinical manifestations of mammary Paget’s disease and benign inflammatory skin lesions in the nipple
Paget’s disease Benign inflammatory skin lesions in the nipple
Eczema Not itchy or slight itchy and is non-responsive to treatment Itchy
Psoriasis No vesicles or pustules Vesicles and pustules
Irritant contact dermatitis Nipple retraction or deformation No change in the nipple, limited in areolae lesions
Mammary duct ectasia Usually unilateral Bilateral
Drug eruption Sometimes with palpable lump No lump
Toker cells Older age Younger age
Nipple duct adenoma Mammographic lesions/microcalcifications Normal mammogram
  1. The second column lists some clinical manifestations that can be used to differentiate benign nipple areola inflammation from mammary Paget’s disease