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Table 3 Treatment, coronary artery involvement, follow-up, and outcomes of patients who had pulmonary involvement associated with Kawasaki disease

From: Pleural effusion as an atypical presentation of Kawasaki disease: a case report and review of the literature

Authors, year, reference numberInfectious agentAntibiotic treatmentCAITreatmentFollow-up and outcome
Singh et al., 2018, [6]2 a11 a3 a2 a, Second dose of IVIG9 a Normal, 2 a NA
Alhammadi and Hendaus, 2013, [12]NoYesYesIVIGNormal
Lee et al., 2011, [11]NANANANANA
Lee et al., 2010, [14]NoNoYesSecond dose of IVIG and corticosteroidNormal
Falcini et al., 2009, [15]NoYesYesSecond dose of IVIG and corticosteroidNormal
Elizabeth et al., 2007, [16]NoYesYesSecond dose of IVIG and corticosteroidNormal
Yavuz et al., 2007, [17]NoYesYesSecond dose of IVIGNormal
Sittiwangkul and Pongprot, 2004, [13]NoYesYesSecond dose of IVIG and corticosteroidAneurysm persisted in 2 years
de Magalhães et al., 2012, [21]NoYesYesSecond dose of IVIG, corticosteroid, MTX, and ETNAneurysm decrease but persisted
Hamada et al., 2005, [18]NoYesNoSecond dose of IVIG and corticosteroidNormal
D'Souza et al., 2006, [20]NoYesNoIVIGNormal
de Maddi et al., 2009, [22]     
 Case 1NoYesNoIVIGNormal
 Case 2NoYesNoNot given IVIGNormal
 Case 3NoYesNoIVIGNormal
Freeman et al., 2003, [23]
 Case 1NoYesYesIVIGDeath
 Case 2NAYesYesIVIGNormal
 Case 3NoYesYesIVIGNormal
Kobayashi et al., 2006, [24]
 Case 1YesYesNAIVIGNormal
 Case 2YesYesNAIVIGNormal
Vaidya et al., 2017, [8]NoYesYesIVIGNA
Akagi et al., 2017, [19]
 Case 1NoNoYesIVIGNormal
 Case 2NoYesYesIVIGNormal
  1. aNumber of the patients
  2. CAI coronary artery involvement, ETN etanercept, IVIG intravenous immunoglobulin, MTX methotrexate, NA not available