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Table 2 Diagnostic criteria for adult-onset Still’s disease [4, 5]

From: Leprosy – eliminated and forgotten: a case report

Yamaguchi’s criteria [4] Fautrel’s criteria [5]
Major criteria Major criteria
Fever > 39 °C, lasting 1 week or longer Spiking fever ≥ 39 °C
Arthralgia or arthritis, lasting 2 weeks or longer Arthralgia
Typical rash Transient erythema
Leukocytosis > 10,000/mm3 with > 80% polymorphonuclear cells Pharyngitis
Polymorphonuclear cells ≥ 80%
Glycosylated ferritin ≤ 20%
Minor criteria Minor criteria
Sore throat Maculopapular rash
Recent development of significant lymphadenopathy Leukocytosis ≥ 10,000/mm3
Hepatomegaly or splenomegaly
Abnormal liver function tests
Negative tests for antinuclear antibody (IF) and rheumatoid factor (IgM)
Exclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Infections Infections
Malignancies (mainly malignant lymphoma) Malignancies (mainly malignant lymphoma)
Other rheumatic disease (mainly systemic vasculitides) Other rheumatic disease (mainly systemic vasculitides)
Five or more criteria are required, a minimum of two should be major criteria Four or more criteria are required with minimum three major criteria
  1. IF immunofluorescence