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Table 1 Timeline of the patient from the initial presentation

From: Leprosy – eliminated and forgotten: a case report

8 February 2017

The patient visited our hospital. Admitted to evaluate the cause of fever

14 February 2017

ENT consultation for cervical lymphadenopathy

FNAC of cervical lymph node: reactive lymphadenitis

22 February 2017

The patient developed a skin lesion over his lower leg. Dermatological consultation was done. A skin biopsy was performed. The biopsy was inadequate and repeat was advised.

26 February 2017

A provisional diagnosis of pyrexia of unknown origin was made.

Bone marrow aspiration with a biopsy was performed. Bone marrow showed myeloid hyperplasia suggesting inflammatory pathology.

2 March 2017

A diagnosis of adult-onset Still’s disease was made. Prednisolone 40 mg was started.

6 March 2017

Fever subsided and the patient was discharged

29 March 2017

Fever reappeared with cervical lymphadenopathy

29 March 2017

FNAC inguinal lymph node: granulomatous lymphadenitis

3 April 2017

ATT started

8 April 2017

Nodular skin rash on shoulder, back, and face developed

10 April 2017

Skin biopsy: erythema nodosum leprosum

18 April 2017

Referred to Anandaban Leprosy Hospital

18 April 2017

Slit-skin smear: 4+

18 April 2017

Diagnosed as lepromatous leprosy with erythema nodosum leprosum

18 April 2017

MBMDT with prednisolone

  1. ATT anti-tuberculosis treatment, ENT ear, nose, and throat, FNAC fine-needle aspiration cytology, MBMDT multibacillary multidrug therapy cytology