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Fig. 5

From: Enhanced T-lymphocyte infiltration in a desmoid tumor of the thoracic wall in a young woman treated with intratumoral injections of the oncolytic peptide LTX-315: a case report

Fig. 5

T-cell analyses. a Graph showing the abundance of unique T-cell clones in blood (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) before treatment compared with 7 weeks after initiation of LTX-315 treatment. T-cell clones that were not significantly changed in frequency are depicted in gray, whereas those that were significantly expanding or contracting are depicted in red or blue, respectively. Dashed diagonal gray line defines frequency equality, and dashed red line defines threshold for statistical comparison. b Trivariate analysis of T-cell clones in blood (similar analysis to that in a) compared with the T-cell clones in the tumor after LTX-315 treatment. T-cell clones colored without transparency and with a black peripheral line were also present in the tumor tissue

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