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Table 3 Changes in left ventricular morphology

From: Progression of coronary microvascular dysfunction to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: a case report

Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging parameters Baseline 10 years later
LV EDVi (mL/m2) 56.4 69
LV ESVi (mL/m2) 20.8 23.6
LVMi (g/m2) 42.3 48.5
LV mass-to-volume ratio (g/mL) 0.75 0.70
Wall thickness
 Septum (cm) 7.15 9.34
 Lateral wall (cm) 6.06 7.06
Scar (g) 0 0
LVEF (%) 67 64
LGE Yes Yes
MRPI 1.8 1.1
  1. EDVi end-diastolic volume indexed to body surface area, ESVi end-systolic volume indexed to body surface area, LGE late gadolinium enhancement, LV left ventricular, LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction, LVMi left ventricular mass indexed to body surface area, MPRI myocardial perfusion reserve index