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Table 2 Common clinical features associated with Ehlers–Danlos syndromes [10, 12]

From: Congenital absence of lingual frenum in a non-syndromic patient: a case report

Systemic criteria • Skin involvement
 ◦ Hyperextensibility of skin
 ◦ Translucent skin
 ◦ Atrophic “cigarette paper”
 ◦ Skin scarring
 ◦ Subcutaneous nodules
• Joint hypermobility
• Cicatrization disorders
• Easy bruising
• Eyelid extensibility (Metenier’s sign)
• Pseudotumors
• Postural acrocyanosis
Temporomandibular joint and intra-oral criteria • Recurrent subluxation of the temporomandibular joint
• Tongue hypermobility (Gorlin’s sign)
• Absence of lingual frenulum