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Table 2 Blood biochemistry findings

From: Transient severe distributive shock due to early dumping syndrome: a case report

TP 7.1 g/dL Na 140 mEq/L
Alb 3.8 g/dL K 3.0 mEq/L
CRP 0.02 mg/dL Cl 103 mEq/L
PCT 0.053 ng/mL WBC 4600 /μL
BUN 13 mg/dL Hb 12 g/dL
CRE 1.17 mg/dL Hct 37.9 %
Glu 286 mg/dL PLT 19.4 104/μL
  1. Alb albumin, BUN blood urea nitrogen, Cl chloride, CRP C-reactive protein, CRE creatinine, Glu glucose, Hb hemoglobin, Hct hematocrit, K potassium, Na sodium, PCT procalcitonin, PLT platelet, TP total protein, WBC white blood cell