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Table 1 Surgical approach to augmentation of fibrous dysplastic head of femur with autologous fibula bone graft

From: Conservative surgical management of simple monostotic fibrous dysplasia of the proximal femur in a 19-year-old basketballer: a case report

1. Prior to surgery, the length of fibula graft required is measured according to radiographic measurement of the length of the patient’s femoral neck to the femoral head. The graft is then harvested and care is taken to preserve the periosteum.

2. The defect created is then filled with cylindrical artificial bone and closed.

3. The patient is then placed in a traction bed in the lateral position, similar to neck of femur fracture surgery.

4. The femoral head is first deployed by the lateral approach.

5. A drill is then used to create space for the graft in the same manner as inserting a lag screw.

6. The fibular is then inserted into the created hole and hammered into place.

7. A drain is inserted and the wound closed in layers.