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Table 1 Unilateral pulmonary edema: summary of recent literature review

From: Unilateral pulmonary edema: a case report and review of the literature

Reference Publication year Demographics Chest X-ray Echocardiography Underlying comorbidities
Kashiura et al. [9] 2017 Case 1: 72-year-old woman.
Case 2: 40-year-old woman
Case 1: right-side limited alveolar-interstitial infiltrates with cardiomegaly.
Case 2: left-side limited alveolar-interstitial infiltrates without cardiomegaly
Case 1: only sinus tachycardia.
Case 2: mitral valve prolapse with severe regurgitation without left atrial dilation, and the regurgitant jet tended to blow toward the left side of the left atrium
Case 1: hypertension.
Case 2: previously healthy
Mehta and Macduff [10] 2016 75-year-old woman Right-sided pulmonary edema with sparing of the left lung Flail anterior leaflet of the mitral valve with preserved left ventricular function Out of hospital cardiac arrest following sudden breathlessness
Doshi and El Accaoui [11] 2016 75-year-old man Asymmetric pulmonary edema with prominent vascular markings on the right lung A flail anterior mitral leaflet secondary to ruptured posteromedial papillary muscle causing severe mitral regurgitation Previously healthy
Venugopal et al. [12] 2015 18-year-old man Unilateral pulmonary edema restricted to right side Mild mitral regurgitation with no systolic or diastolic dysfunction Previously healthy
Omran et al. [13] 2014 45-year-old woman Mild cardiomegaly and left perihilar air space opacities Not done Chronic kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes
Shin et al. [1] 2012 79-year-old man Alveolar-interstitial infiltrates limited to the right lung Ejection fraction of approximately 40% with global hypokinesia and mild mitral regurgitation Current tobacco smoker and hypertension
Pandya et al. [3] 2012 74-year-old man Right upper lobe infiltrates Moderate pulmonary hypertension dilated left heart chambers, moderately severe mitral regurgitation, and ejection fraction of 20%. Chronic obstructive airway disease (COPD), asbestosis-related pleural plaques, left lower limb deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and heavy alcohol consumption
Warraich et al. [14] 2011 52-year-old man Right-sided
Moderate aortic stenosis and 4 + mitral regurgitation, raising the possibility of a mitral valve perforation Hypertensive, with a 40-pack-a-year smoking history
Gowrinath et al. [15] 2009 24-year-old man Confluent alveolar opacities in the right mid and lower zones Left ventricular hypertrophy and mild mitral regurgitation Chronic kidney disease and hypertension
Peña et al. [16] 2005 76-year-old man Acute pulmonary edema, predominantly right-sided Ejection fraction of 50% with anteroapical akinesia and mild mitral regurgitation Diabetes mellitus and hypertension
Mokta et al. [17] 2002 21-year-old man Soft fluffy shadows in the left lung Dilatation and systolic dysfunction of the right ventricle with normal left ventricular systolic function Previously healthy
Lesieur et al. [18] 2000 Case1: 72-year-old man.
Case 2: 75-year-old woman.
Case 3: 90-year-old man
Case 1: interstitial infiltrate located only in the right lung without cardiomegaly.
Case 2: right-sided pulmonary infiltrate.
Case 3: interstitial infiltrate in the right upper lobe
Case 1: flail posterior leaflet of the mitral valve with grade 3/4 regurgitation and dilatation of the left atrium.
Case 2: myxomatous mitral valve with a flail posterior leaflet and grade 4/4 regurgitation.
Case 3: posterior buckling of the mitral valve with mitral regurgitation
Case 1: mitral valve prolapsed with grade 1 mitral regurgitation.
Case 2: grade 2 mitral regurgitation.
Case 3: mitral regurgitation, coronary artery disease, and atrial fibrillation