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Table 2 Details of irradiations in the present case

From: Serious gastric perforation after second stereotactic body radiotherapy for peripheral lung cancer that recurred after initial stereotactic body radiotherapy: a case report

  First SBRT Second SBRT
Total dose (Gy) 40 50
Fractions 4 4
Prescription PTV D95 Isocenter
Target volume CTV = GTV CTV = GTV
ITV = CTV + 1 mm ITV = CTV + 4 mm
PTV = ITV + 5 mm PTV = ITV + 5 mm
Leaf margin (mm) 5 0
Beam energy (MV) 6 6
Beam arrangement Non-coplanar dynamic arcs Non-coplanar dynamic arcs
Dose calculation Superposition Superposition
  1. Abbreviations: CTV clinical target volume, GTV gross tumor volume, ITV internal target volume, PTV D95 dose to 95% of the planning target volume, SBRT stereotactic body radiotherapy