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Table 1 Heart failure occurring after initiation of hormone replacement therapy for Addison’s disease

From: Takotsubo-like syndrome triggered by fludrocortisone overdose for Addison’s disease: a case report

Reference Age/Sex Comorbidity Therapy Onset of heart failure after Left ventricular function Left ventricular function normal after Acute electrocardiogram Follow-up electrocardiogram Heart failure therapy Outcome
2 47/f None HC, FC 20 days Normal, pericardial effusion 4 months Normal NR Furosemide R
3 11/m None HC 1 day Severely reduced 6 months VT NR Catecholamines, furosemide R
4 68/m Mitral valve prosthesis, hepatopathy Cortone (cortisone) 4 years NR NR NR NR Furosemide, nitrates R
5 71/f None HC Shortly Apical ballooning 9 months ST↑ NR ß-Blocker, ACE-inhibitor R
6 69/f Pyelonephritis HC 3 days Severely reduced 3 weeks T-Inv, QT→, VT Regression of T-Inv Cardioversion NR
7 6/m None HC, FC 20 days Severely reduced 7 days NR NR Furosemide, spironolactone R
8 42/f None HC 2 days Severely reduced 7 days ST↑ Normal after 1 week Catecholamines, mech vent R
9 53/f Thyroiditis HC Several days Apical ballooning 2 weeks ST↑, T-Inv, QT→ NR NR R
Present case 41/f Thyroiditis HC, FC 3 weeks Severely reduced 3 months T-Inv, QT→ ST abnormality ß-Blocker, ACE-inhibitor, furosemide R
  1. ACE angiotensin-converting enzyme, f female, FC fludrocortisone, HC hydrocortisone, m male, mech vent mechanical ventilation, NR not reported, QT→ QT prolongation, R recovered, ST↑ ST segment elevation, T-Inv T-wave inversion, VT ventricular tachycardia