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Table 1 Medications administered to the patient in our emergency department and selected behavioral observations

From: Polysubstance-induced relapse of schizoaffective disorder refractory to high-dose antipsychotic medications: a case report

Time Medication name, dose, and route Behavioral observations
1720 Approximate time of presentation to our emergency department Extremely aggressive, threatening, and offensive behavior and language
1726 Ziprasidone 20 mg IM, lorazepam 2 mg IM  
1730 Lorazepam 2 mg IM  
1740 Zuclopenthixol acetate 150 mg IM, benztropine 2 mg IM  
1805 Lorazepam 2 mg IV Vital signs and IV access obtained, blood sampled
1830 Droperidol 10 mg IM Verbally abusive, threatening, aggressive
2230 Ziprasidone 20 mg IM  
2300 Lorazepam 2 mg IV  
0100   Sedated and quiet
0400 Droperidol 10 mg IM, Lorazepam 2 mg IV Yelling, abusive, shaking bed, threatening staff
0600   Sedated but intermittent abuse and threats
1120 Ziprasidone 20 mg IM  
1300 Droperidol 25 mg IM Acute arousal, combative during transport to psychiatric ward
  1. IM intramuscular, IV intravenous