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Table 1 Timeline of interventions for our patient

From: Endometrial tuberculosis compounding polycystic ovary syndrome in a subfertile woman: a case report

Year Age (years) Notable findings
2004 33 Diagnostic laparoscopy revealing dense pelvic adhesions
2006 35 Onset of amenorrhea
2012 41 Gonadal profile: elevated E2, high AMH for age (5.18 ng/ml).
   Progesterone challenge test: no withdrawal bleed.
   Ultrasound: polycystic ovaries, endometrial fluid, ET 3 mm
2013 42 Hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy: TB endometritis.
2013 42 Started anti-TB treatment
   Completed anti-TB antibiotics. No menses
   Administration of COC: no menses
  1. AMH anti-Müllerian hormone, COC combined oral contraceptives, E2 estradiol, ET endometrial thickness, TB tuberculosis