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Fig. 3

From: End stage renal disease caused by thromboangiitis obliterans: a case report

Fig. 3

Abdominal and lower extremity angiography (2014). a Renal angiography could not identify either renal artery due to total occlusion. b Lower extremity angiography showed a chronic total obstruction lesion of the left common iliac artery due to progression of chronic thrombosis. c A stent was deployed at the site of occlusion of the left common iliac artery (arrow). d Flow was recovered. e Obstruction of the left superficial femoral artery and abnormal corkscrew collateral blood supply from the left deep femoral artery was similar to that seen in 2004 (arrows). f The left tibioperoneal trunk was occluded (arrow), and blood flow below the knee was supplied by collateral vessels

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