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Table 2 Patients with cerebral salt-wasting syndrome accompanying cerebral infarction

From: Cerebral salt-wasting syndrome due to hemorrhagic brain infarction: a case report

Sex/age Cerebral infarction type Lesion Excessive edema Hemorrhagic transformation Comorbidity Days from onset (days) Treatment Serum sodium concentration (mmol/L) Urine volume Uosm (mL/day) Posm (mL/day) Ref. no.
M/3 Dissection of ICA Right MCA (broad) Yes No Head injury 6 Intravenous saline 122 4.3mL/kg/hour (BW: 17.0–17.5kg) 607 219 [11]
F/38 Unknown Right MCA (broad) Yes no data Systemic lupus erythematosus 5 Intravenous saline 112 2800mL/day (BW: no data) 280 276 [13]
Lupus nephritis Hydrocortisone
Tuberculous meningoencephalitis
F/79 Cardiac embolism Right Yes Yes Atrial fibrillation 15 Intravenous saline 134 3710mL/day (BW: 37.4–39.2kg) 454 279 Current report
MCA (broad) Hypertension Oral salt
  1. BW, body weight; F, female; ICA, internal carotid artery; M, male; MCA, middle cerebral artery; Posm, plasma osmolality; Uosm, urine osmolality.