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Table 2 Additional laboratory data*

From: Reactive lymphoid hyperplasia of the thyroid followed by systemic autoimmune diseases: a case report

Free T3 2.23 pg/ml (1.71-3.71)** Rheumatoid factor 167 IU/ml (0-20)
Free T4 1.43 ng/dl (0.70-1.48) RAPA 640 fold (<40)
TSH 10.1 μIU/ml (0.35-4.94) CH50 40.4 CH50/ml (28-45)
CRP 2.39 mg/dl (0-0.4) Anti-Tg antibody 29.5 U/ml (<0.3)
Thyroid test# 6400 fold (<100) Anti-nuclear antibody negative (-)
Microsome test## 25,600 fold (<100) LE test$ negative (-)
Thyroglobulin 5.3 ng/ml (0-30)    
  1. *Data taken three months after the operation with the supplementation of levothyroxine (50μg); **Reference range; #semi-quantitative test for thyroglobulin; ##semi-quantitative test for anti-thyroid microsomal antibody; $agglutination reaction to detect anti-dinitrophenol (DNP) antibody; T3: triiodothyronin; T4: thyroxine; TSH thyroid stimulating hormone; CRP: C-reactive protein; RAPA: rheumatoid arthritis particle agglutination; CH50: 50% hemolytic complement activity.