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Table 1 Primary antibodies and their dilution rate, and result of semi-quantitative analysis for immunostaining intensity

From: Co-development of pyogenic granuloma and capillary hemangioma on the alveolar ridge associated with a dental implant: a case report

Antibody Dilution Source Immunostaining intensity
Hemangioma PG
CD34 1:3000 Neomarkers +++
CD31 1:20 Dako +++ ++
Vimentin 1:20 Dako +++ +++
Ki-67 1:2000 Dako ++
  1. Abbreviations: CD31, Cluster of differentiation 31 (platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule); CD34, Cluster of differentiation 34; Ki-67, MKI67; PG, pyogenic granuloma. Positive immunostaining intensities were graded as +++, ++, + and – for strong, moderate, weak and negative staining, respectively.