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Table 1 Prognostic evaluation of neuroblastic tumorsa

From: Novel use of a Weerda laryngoscope for transoral excision of a cervical ganglioneuroma: a case report

International Neuroblastoma Pathology Classification Tumor description Original Shimada
Prognostic group
Neuroblastoma Schwannian stroma-poor Stroma-poor  
   Favorable   Favorable Favorable
< 0.5 years Poorly differentiating or differentiating and low or intermediate MKI tumor   
1.5 to 5 years Differentiating and low MKI tumor   
   Unfavorable   Unfavorable Unfavorable
< 1.5 years Undifferentiated tumor   
  High MKI tumor   
1.5 to 5 years Undifferentiated or poorly differentiated tumor   
  Intermediate or high MKI tumor   
≥ 5 years All tumors   
Ganglioneuroblastoma, intermixed Schwannian stroma-rich Stroma-rich intermixed (favorable) Favorable
Ganglioneuroma Schwannian stroma-dominant   Favorable
   Maturing   Well-differentiated (favorable)  
   Mature   Ganglioneuroma  
Ganglioneuroblastoma, nodular Composite Schwannian stroma-rich/stroma-dominant and stroma-poor Stroma-rich nodular
  1. aMKI: mitosis-karyorrhexis index.