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Archived Comments for: Acute onset of intracranial subdural hemorrhage five days after spinal anesthesia for knee arthroscopic surgery: a case report

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  1. This was known 30 years ago. Comment on 'even supine'

    Stephanie Trotter, CO-Gas Safety

    30 July 2014

    Over 30 years ago I had an epidural while giving birth to our older son. I was totally impressed by the person who gave me the epidural and it was like being rescued from a battlefield. However, the next day I was even more impressed as he asked me very determinedly and persistently if I had a headache. Now I know why.
    This same son, Alex aged 12 suffered a clot on the brain after an injury. It was pure Hell getting him diagnosed as the GP assumed it was migraine and then mother's imagination. He was far worse in a supine position, better when upright and visiting the doctor. Luckily both his father and I are lawyers and while ostensibly accepting the medical opinion that there was nothing wrong, stressed this. Finally a scan was ordered, the clot found and an operation undertaken, proving his head injury three months earlier had caused the chronic headache.
    Thank God for scans. Please also take notice of the concerns of mothers. We know if our children are really ill or swinging the lead.

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