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Table 1 Review of the literature on cases of localized gastric amyloidosis

From: Localized gastric amyloidosis differentiated histologically from scirrhous gastric cancer using endoscopic mucosal resection: a case report

Age/sex Chief issue Localization Form Amyloid protein Operation Prognosis Author, year and reference
55/M Epigastric pain Lower body Mucosal redness Unknown Survival Rotondano et al., 2007 [7]
69/F Left flank pain Antrum Mucosal redness AL Died (Other disorder) Yoshida et al., 1998 [8]
58/M Appetite loss Lower body Depression AA Survival Ishii et al., 1993 [9]
50/F Epigastric discomfort Lower body Ulcer AA + Survival Wu et al., 2003 [2]
63/M None Antrum Ulcer, tumor AL + Survival (18 months) Nishida et al., 1990 [10]
67/M Appetite loss Cardia Tumor AL Survival Deniz et al., 2006 [3]
51/F None Middle body to antrum Scirrhous type AL + Survival (two months) Kato et al., 1988 [11]
68/F Pain, nausea Antrum Scirrhous type Unknown + Died (10 months) Ikeda et al., 1988 [12]
56/M Obstruction Unknown Scirrhous type Unknown + Survival Nfoussi et al., 2010 [4]
76/F Epigastric discomfort Upper to lower body Scirrhous type AL Survival (six years) Present case, 2012