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Table 1 Reports of surgery for cervical myelopathy associated with Tourette’s syndrome

From: Multiple neck operations in a patient with severe motor tics because of Tourette’s syndrome: a case report

Age Sex Operation External fixation Follow-up Outcome Reference
27 M C6/7 discectomy ND 2 months Improved [3]
38 M C3-T2 laminectomy + C6-7 ASF + C7-T1 PF Cervical traction ND Fusion breaking [6]
23 M C3-5 laminectomy ND 29 years Recurred [2]
15 M C3-7 laminoplasty ND ND Improved [4]
25 M C5/6 discectomy ND 3 years Recurred [5]
52 M C2-5 laminectomy + LMS Halo vest 6 months Improved [9]
52 M C3-7 laminectomy + LMS ND 7 months Improved [9]
  1. ASF anterior spinal fusion; LMS lateral mass screw fixation; M male; ND not described; PF posterior fusion.