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Table 1 Published associations in Peters anomaly

From: Peters anomaly with post axial polydactyly, bilateral camptodactyly and club foot in a Kenyan neonate: a case report

Shanske AL et al. 2002 Possible new syndrome of microcephaly with cortical migration defects, Peters anomaly and multiple intestinal atresias: a multiple vascular disruption syndrome [10] New multiple associations-nervous and gastrointestinal
Banning CS et al. 2005 Corneal perforation with secondary congenital aphakia in Peters anomaly [11]. Ocular association
Neilan E et al. 2006 Peters anomaly in association with multiple midline anomalies and a familial chromosome 4 inversion [12] New multiple associations- orofacial, cardiac, nervous
Navneet T et al. 2009 Peters plus syndrome and absence of kidney: a case report [13] New association- unilateral renal agenesis
Aliferis K et al. 2010 A novel nonsense B3GALTL mutation confirms Peters plus syndrome in a patient with multiple malformations and Peters anomaly [14] Confirmed specific mutation in peters plus syndrome
Shimizu R et al. 2010 Severe Peters plus syndrome-like phenotype with anterior eye staphyloma and hypoplastic left heart syndrome: proposal of a new syndrome [15] New multiple associations-ocular and cardiovascular
Lim Z, Quah BL 2010 Unilateral retinoblastoma in an eye with Peters anomaly [16] Ocular association and a specific gene mutation
Arikawa A et al. 2010 Case of novel PITX2 gene mutation associated with Peters' anomaly and persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous [17] Ocular association and a specific gene mutation
Sawada M et al. 2011 A case of aniridia with unilateral Peters anomaly [18] New association- aniridia
Genetic link- PAX 6 mutation