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Figure 1

From: Benign giant mediastinal schwannoma presenting as cardiac tamponade in a woman: a case report

Figure 1

Lung imaging. (a) Chest radiograph obtained on the day of hospital admission showing bilateral pleural effusion, mediastinal widening and cardiac enlargement. (b) Contrast-enhanced chest computed tomography image (lung window) taken during pericardial drainage, showing a giant posterior mediastinal tumor, pericardial effusion and bilateral pleural effusion. (c) Transversal T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the chest taken after pericardial drainage, showing a giant encapsulating tumor in the posterior mediastinum compressing the heart. (d) Sagittal True SSFP (steady state free precession) MRI image, showing the tumor occupies most of left thoracic cavity.

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