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Table 1 Neuropsychological profile of our patient

From: Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome in a patient with 47(XXX) syndrome: a case report

Test/factor Score/rating
   Total IQ 55
   Verbal IQ 51
   Performance IQ 70
Edinburgh Handedness Inventory 24/24 (right lateralization)
Constructional praxis  
   Blockbuilding models 6/8 (slightly below average)
   Borrelly-Oleron 3/8 (below average)
Modified Frostig's test  
   QPVG 8th percentile
   QPVMR 6th percentile
   QIVM 13th percentile
   Digit span Normal
   Verbal span Normal
   Corsi Block Tapping Test Z-score of -3
Tower of London (executive functions)  
   Score 10th to 15th percentile
   Decision time Z-score of -0.5
   Executing time Z-score of -0.55
   Total time Z-score of -0.67
   Violation of rules 6 (high)
Modified Bells' Cancellation Test  
   Rapidity 25th to 50th percentile
   Accuracy 25th percentile
Word reading  
   Time Z-score of -0.86
   Correctness 15th percentile
Non-word reading  
   Time Z-score of -0.40
   Correctness >15th percentile
Text reading: rapidity/correctness  
   Rapidity Z-score of -1.6
   Correctness 8 errors (average)
Text reading: comprehension  
   Narrative text 7 correct answers out of 15 (below average)
   Informative text 4 correct answers out of 15 (below average)
   List of words 15th percentile
   List of non-words 10th percentile
   Sentences (homophonic not homographs) 15th percentile
   Dictation 60th percentile (slightly below average)
Mathematic abilities  
   Numbers and calculation quotient <50 (very poor)
   Numbers quotient <50 (very poor)
   Calculation quotient <50 (very poor)
  1. WISC III = Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children III.
  2. IQ = Intelligence Quotient.
  3. QPVG = General Visuo-Perceptive Quotient.
  4. QPVMR = Reduced Motricity Visuo-Perceptive Quotient.
  5. QIVM = Visuo-Motor Integration Quotient.