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Table 1 Published data concerning chemotherapy regimens used in metastatic ameloblastoma

From: Metastatic ameloblastoma responding to combination chemotherapy: case report and review of the literature

Publication details Regimen Results Reference
CR Cycolphosphamide Good functional [11]
-M Methotrexate outcome  
-Lung metastases 5 Fluorouracil OR: 0%  
CR Vinblastine Partial response: 50% [13]
-M Cisplatin   
-Lung metastases Bleomycin   
CR Adriamycin Partial response [12]
-W, 17 years old Cisplatin   
-Lung metastases Cyclophosphamide   
CR 1st line: 5FU-Cisplatin Progression disease after two cycles; repetitive partial response. [9]
-W, 28 years old 2nd line: Paclitaxel-   
-Lung metastases Carboplatin   
CR Cyclophosphamide OR: 0% [17]
-M, 46 years old    
-Lung metastases + mediastinal adenopathies    
CR No chemotherapy Stable disease during 18 months [6]
-M, 55 years old    
-Lung metastases    
CR No chemotherapy; surgery for removable metastases. Survival: 54 years [15]
-W, 39 years old    
-Lung metastases    
Review Doxorubicin ± 5FU. OR: 0%. [14]
Outcome of chemotherapy in metastatic ameloblastoma. Methotrexate ± cyclophosphamide   
  1. CR: case report; M: man; W: woman; OR: objective response.