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Archived Comments for: Metastatic ameloblastoma responding to combination chemotherapy: case report and review of the literature

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  1. Comment to an unsual neoplasm

    Constantino Ledesma-Montes, Facultad de Odontología. UNAM and UNICACH.

    30 July 2014

    It is an undoubtely interesting and unusual odontogenic neoplasm.
    I have some comments.
    1. Unfortunately, this case is not well documented since clinical and radiographic images were not included.
    2. I can not understand why authors did not give treatment to metastatic tumors.
    3. An explanation for the finding that metastaic lesions were controled without treatment is necessary and important for readers.
    4.- I have no explanation for this finding and my expert colleagues have not too. Some of them said "it is imposible".
    5. No survival data is offered. It is also inportant and interesting.
    Sincerely yours.
    Dr. Constantino Ledesma-Montes.
    Oral Pathology Laboratory.
    Faculty of Dentistry.
    National U. of México.

    Competing interests