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Table 1 Types of gallbladder injury according to the classification by Losanoff and Kjossev [4] (Figure 3)

From: Isolated complete avulsion of the gallbladder (near traumatic cholecystectomy): a case report and review of the literature

Type Injury of the gallbladder
1A Contusion with intramural hematoma
1B Contusion with perforation
2 Rupture
3A Avulsion with partial detachment
3B Avulsion with complete detachment from the liver but with attachment to the structures of the hepatoduodenal ligament (so-called "near traumatic cholecystectomy")
3C Torn only from the hepatoduodenal ligament
3D Completely torn from all attachments (so-called "traumatic cholecystectomy")
4A Traumatic cholecystitis, secondary to hemobilia
4B Acute acalculus cholecystitis
5 Mucosal tear with leakage of bile