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Table 1 ACA associated digital necrosis without sclerodactyly: a case comparison

From: Digital gangrene associated with anticentromere antibodies: a case report

Report Age (years) Sex Pre-existing Raynaud's Raynaud's duration Region affected Co-morbidities Smoker
Leon-Perez[20] 3 cases
M Yes (× 3) NR NR Past frostbite (× 2), HTN (× 2) Yes (× 3)
Barr[21] 67 M Possible NR Fingers CAD, CAGB No
Takahashi[10] 60 F Yes 3 months Fingers, toes NR NR
  74 F Yes 54 years Fingers NR NR
  79 F Yes 30 years Toes CVA NR
Picillo[22] 34 F Yes 12 years Fingers, toe None Yes
Sachsenberg-Studer[11] 43 F Yes 2 years Fingers None Yes
  73 F Yes 12 years Fingers HTN Never
  84 F Yes Unknown Fingers, toes HTN Never
  86 F Yes Unknown Fingers, toe None Never
Brown[23] 87 F No   Fingers CHF, HTN Never
El Mahou[24] 72 M Yes NR Fingers, toes SCC Ex-smoker
Current case 53 F No   Finger WPW Never
  1. CABG, coronary artery bypass graft; CAD, coronary artery disease; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; HTN, hypertension; NR, not reported; SCC: small cell lung cancer.