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Table 1 Summary of reported eccrine porocarcinoma cases involving adjuvant radiation therapy.

From: Treatment of eccrine porocarcinoma with metastasis to the parotid gland using intensity-modulated radiation therapy: a case report

Location XRT Outcome
Hand 70 Gy to tumor and 50 Gy to regional LNs 24 months [23]
Nose 71.6 Gy to tumor and 50 Gy to supraclavicular LNs 35 months [22]
Parotid 70 Gy to parotid and 46 Gy to lower cervical LNs 27 months [22]
Scalp and cervical LNs 76.4 Gy to scalp and 76.5 Gy to posterior cervical LNs Death at 6 weeks [22]
Inguinal and para-aortic LNs 50.4 Gy 8 months [24]
Left vulva 50.4 Gy to left pelvis and 60 Gy to left inguinal LNs 19 months [3]
  1. LNs: lymph nodes; XRT: radiation therapy.