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Table 1 Previously anti-retroviral naïve cases of HIV-GBS treated with HAART

From: Human immunodeficiency virus seroconversion presenting with acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy: a case report

Background/Demographics Initial Treatment Subsequent Progress
Reference Age/Sex GBS subtype CD4 (cells/mm3) IVIg given# Mechanical Ventilation First line HAART  
Bani-Sadr et al 2002 [9] 35/M AIDP 149 Not stated No ZDV/3TC/IDV/RTV Complete recovery, HAART continued
Gisslén et al 2005[6] 35/M AIDP 914 No No d4T/3TC/SQV/NLF Improvement at 3/12 & HAART stopped. GBS recurred 2/12 later. IVIg & 5/12 more HAART (same regimen). No further recurrence when HAART discontinued
De Castro et al 2006 [10] 38/M AIDP 502 Yes Yes ZDV/3TC/IDV Complete recovery on long-term HAART. 2 transient GBS recurrences during HAART interruption for unrelated toxicity; 1. Renal lithiasis at 18/12; IDV→RTV 2.GI upset at 31/12; wkly IVIg for 6/12 RTV→EFV
Wagner et al 2007 [11] 46/M AMAN 150 No No Regimen not stated Complete recovery, HAART continued
Hiraga et al 2007 [4] 56/M Fisher/GBS overlap+ 24 Yes No Regimen not stated Complete recovery, HAART continued
Sloan et al 2008 [this paper] 30/M AIDP 408 Yes No ZVD/3TC/EFV Complete recovery, HAART stopped at 6/12
  1. AZT: zidovudine, 3TC: lamivudine, IDV: indinavir, RTV: ritonavir, d4T: stavudine, SQV: saquinavir, NLF: nelfinavir, EFV: efavirenz.
  2. # IVIg dose: 0.4mg/kg IV daily for 5 days
  3. + Patient also treated for CSF & Cryptococcal Antigen positive Cryptococcus Neoformans meningitis