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Table 1 Summary of immediate investigations done at the time of acute symptoms

From: Transfusion related acute lung injury presenting with acute dyspnoea: a case report

S. No. Investigation Parameters Value Comments
1. ABG pH 7.447 Measured with O2 on flow at a rate of 10 liters/minute through nasal prongs
   pCO2 23.8  
   pO2 30.7  
   SpO2 62.2  
   Hb 10.4  
   Hct 32  
2. Invasive hemodynamic monitoring Arterial BP 85/48 Invasive monitoring instituted in view of the deteriorating hemodynamic status
   CVP 12  
3. ECG Normal sinus tachycardia (HR 144/minute) with no evidence of ischemic changes
4. ECHO Normal study with no evidence of RWMA, normal LA parameters, LVEF 55%
5. Chest X-ray Bilateral extensive pulmonary infiltrates, no effusion
6. Troponin T - 0.352 NR: 0–0.2 ng/ml
7. CK – MB - 47 NR: 0–23 IU/ml