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  1. While breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, cutaneous metastases are rare in breast cancer. Additionally, scalp involvement in breast cancer metastasis is extremely rare. That being said, scalp les...

    Authors: Ahmad M. Abdulraheem, Duha Naji, Ammar N. Al Heyasat, Mohammad Alhasan, Nidal M. Almasri and Raghad Odeh
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:203
  2. Acute kidney injury is a devastating postoperative complication. Renal replacement therapy is a treatment modality for acute kidney injury. Continuous renal replacement therapy is the treatment of choice for p...

    Authors: Apriliana Ratnaningrum, M. Azhari Taufik, Vera Irawany and Rudyanto Sedono
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:201
  3. Cytomegalovirus establishes life-long latency after primary infection in childhood. Cytomegalovirus reactivation has been well reported in immune-compromised patients; however, in the last few years it has bee...

    Authors: Sourav Pal, Atul Garg, Anupam Agarwal, Ujjala Ghoshal, Pooja Singh, Jitendra S. Chahar and Mohan Gurjar
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:215
  4. Diabetic mastopathy is a rare breast condition that occurs in women with poorly controlled diabetes and is characterized by hardening of the breast tissue. The purpose of this case report is to provide an over...

    Authors: Yuanyuan Zhong, Yiqin Cheng, Ling Chen and Yulian Yin
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:197
  5. Pure androgen-secreting adrenocortical tumors are a rare but important cause of peripheral precocious puberty.

    Authors: Sofie Ryckx, Jean De Schepper, Philippe Giron, Ken Maes, Freya Vaeyens, Kaat Wilgenhof, Pierre Lefesvre, Caroline Ernst, Kim Vanderlinden, Daniel Klink, Frederik Hes, Jesse Vanbesien, Inge Gies and Willem Staels
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:195
  6. Pyogenic spondylitis by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is known to be intractable. In the past, the insertion of an implant into infected vertebra was considered contraindicated in affected pa...

    Authors: Masaki Tatsumura, Fumihiko Eto, Mikiro Kato, Katsuya Nagashima, Yosuke Takeuchi, Toru Funayama and Masashi Yamazaki
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:211
  7. Viruses are constantly changing as a result of mutations, and new viral variants are expected to appear over time. The virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus ...

    Authors: Vanessa Bedoya-Joaqui, María I. Gutiérrez-López, Paola A. Caicedo, María F. Villegas-Torres, Ludwig L. Albornoz-Tovar, Juan D. Vélez, Alejandra Hidalgo-Cardona, Gabriel J. Tobón and Carlos A. Cañas
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:194
  8. Rudimentary horn pregnancy is a rare life-threatening obstetric condition with clinical and sonographic presentation resembling that of an abdominal pregnancy. Preoperative diagnosis of advanced rudimentary ho...

    Authors: Semtama Bidiga, Kiwango Henry, Onesmo Augustino, Fridolin Mujuni, Dismas Matovelo, Edgar Ndaboine, Albert Kihunrwa and Richard Kiritta
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:210
  9. Lumbar back pain in an adolescent is generally musculoskeletal, that is, due to a muscle strain or scoliosis. This case describes a young individual without any previous health issues who rapidly developed a l...

    Authors: Anthony Gevers, Patricia Dessart, Jean-Marie Vanmarsenille, Bruno Vande Berg, Halil Yildiz and Samar M. Hatem
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:193
  10. Dermatologic signs and symptoms can be the manifestations of a single disease or different diseases, and it is proven that some are associated with one another. These connections are not fully understood, but ...

    Authors: Fatemeh Mohaghegh, Reza Moeine, Mina Saber, Safdarian Fatemeh, Mohammad Nekooeian and Reza Shahriarirad
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:192
  11. Tracheal laceration is very rare but can be life-threatening if proper treatment is not provided. The general concept for the management of tracheal laceration is surgical repair through cervical incision or v...

    Authors: Changsung Han, Eunji Kim, Jonggeun Lee and Hyo Yeong Ahn
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:208
  12. Coronary artery anomalies are characterized by an abnormality in the course or origin of three main coronary arteries. There needs to be more scientific evidence to promptly treat coronary artery anomalies wit...

    Authors: Pramukh Arun Kumar, Boskey Patel, Mahati Dasari, Pradnya Brijmohan Bhattad, Sushmita Prabhu and Michelle Hadley
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:191
  13. The prognosis for recurrence cases of hormone receptor-positive HER2-negative breast cancer remains poor, and treatment strategies that emphasize quality of life have often been chosen, with few physicians aim...

    Authors: Toshihiko Yoneto, Kenichiro Hasumi, Nobukazu Takahashi, Nastuki Seki, Yasutaka Takeda and Takayuki Yoshimoto
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:190
  14. The accessory breast is composed of residual glandular mammary tissue that persists after normal embryonic development. The entity is so rare that it is easily neglected in the diagnosis of disease.

    Authors: Ghazal Mansouri, Ibrahim Alkatout, Maryam Iranpour, Elham Pourkhandani and Leila Allahqoli
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:189
  15. Osteomyelitis is a bone inflammation that can be related to various infectious agents. As with any other type of inflammation, the prevailing symptoms and signs may include redness, swelling, pain, and heat. F...

    Authors: Stamatios A. Papadakis, Georgios Gourtzelidis, Dimitrios Pallis, Margarita-Michaela Ampadiotaki, Fotios Tatakis, Konstantinos Tsivelekas, Kleoniki Georgousi, Constantinos Kokkinis, Kalliopi Diamantopoulou and Moyssis Lelekis
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:188
  16. Literature has demonstrated hypoglossal nerve stimulation to be a safe and effective treatment for patients with obstructive sleep apnea nonadherent to positive airway pressure therapy. However, the recommende...

    Authors: E. R. Thuler, F. A. W. Rabelo, Vanier Santos Junior, F. Kayamori and E. M. G. Bianchini
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:187
  17. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis is a well-known, but rare, side effect of some vaccines, or symptom following a febrile illness.

    Authors: Pamela Lamisi Alebna, Muhammad Ahmad Shahid, Timothy Brannan, Ting Shen and Valentin Marian
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:202
  18. Some patients with liver cancer lose the chance to have surgical treatment due to insufficient future remnant liver. To address this problem, individual or occlusion of both the portal vein and the bile duct w...

    Authors: Wang Jinghan, Ao Jianyang, Ma Wencong and Liu Chen
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:200
  19. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 continues to threaten public health. The virus is causing breakthrough infections in vaccinated individuals. Also, scarce information is available about cutaneou...

    Authors: Karl Ciuoderis, Laura Perez, Catalina Alvarez, Jaime Usuga, Leidi Carvajal, Andrés Cardona, Maria A. Maya, Gavin Cloherty, Juan P. Hernandez-Ortiz and Jorge E. Osorio
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:177
  20. Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis is a life-threatening condition leading to shock and multiorgan failure. Although prevalent in the general population, the incidence during pregnancy is low, with a high maternal...

    Authors: Chathula Ushari Wickramasinghe, Murugapillai Sivasubramanium and Rohitha Muthugala
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:176
  21. Hepatic masses are relatively common findings, and the diagnostic approach often begins by identifying patient and mass characteristics that are risk factors for malignancy. Chronic immunosuppression is a know...

    Authors: Paulina S. Marell, Min Shi and Majken T. Wingo
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:175
  22. The genus Chromobacterium, of which 12 species have been recognized, comprises bacteria that reside in tropical and subtropical environments. Of these species, Chromobacterium violaceum and Chromobacterium haemol...

    Authors: Kumi Iwamoto, Masaki Yamamoto, Atsushi Yamamoto, Toshi Sai, Toshiko Mukai, Noriko Miura, Haruhisa Kozono, Shigeki Onishi, Seiko Ohno, Nobuki Iwamoto, Yasufumi Matsumura, Miki Nagao and Yoji Urata
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:171
  23. Seizures are common neurological emergencies in the elderly that are frequently provoked. Geriatrics have higher rates of neurological disorders and other comorbidities that could affect seizure threshold.

    Authors: Mohammed Kays Alattiya, Anwar I. Joudeh and Riyadh Ali Hammamy
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:170
  24. Overlap syndrome between primary biliary cholangitis and primary sclerosing cholangitis is an extremely rare condition that has been reported in only few published cases so far in the literature. We highlight ...

    Authors: Haythem Yacoub, Sarra Ben Azouz, Hajer Hassine, Habiba Debbabi, Dhouha Cherif, Feriel Ghayeb, Seif Boukriba, Héla Kchir and Nadia Maamouri
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:169
  25. Hereditary spinocerebellar ataxias are a group of genetic neurological disorders that result in degeneration of the cerebellum and brainstem, leading to difficulty in controlling balance and muscle coordination.

    Authors: Niharika Duggirala, Kathie J. Ngo, Sabrina M. Pagnoni, Alberto L. Rosa and Brent L. Fogel
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:168
  26. Chromosome 5p partial monosomy (5p-syndrome) and chromosome 6p partial trisomy are chromosomal abnormalities that result in a variety of symptoms, but liver dysfunction is not normally one of them. Alagille sy...

    Authors: S. Amimoto, M. Ishii, K. Tanaka, S. Araki, M. Kuwamura, S. Suga, E. Kondo, E. Shibata, K. Kusuhara and K. Yoshino
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:186
  27. Villous adenoma is the one subtype of adenomatous polyp that is very uncommon in the stomach. Data regarding clinical characteristics, natural history, and prognosis were scarce.

    Authors: Phalat Sathirawich, Ananya Pongpaibul, Thammawat Parakonthun and Uayporn Kaosombatwattana
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:167
  28. A pyosalpinx is the acute inflammation of the fallopian tube, which fills up and swells with pus. It commonly results from inadequate or delayed treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease.

    Authors: Kays Chaker, Yassine Ouanes, Eya Azouz, Mohamed Trigui, Anouar Madani, Boutheina Mosbahi, Wiem Elabed, Oumayma Chbeb, Mokhtar Bibi, Kheireddine Mrad Dali, Adel Ammous and Yassine Nouira
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:166
  29. A Morgagni hernia is a rare diaphragmatic hernia that is usually asymptomatic but can present with gastrointestinal and chest symptoms and is reported in many cases with strangulation. Here we report a rare ca...

    Authors: Osama Albasheer, Nasser Hakami and Anas A. Ahmed
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:165
  30. Parental alienation is a relatively newly described disorder, with a growing prevalence, as divorce and custody battles are becoming more and more complex with increased difficulty of joint custody. In parenta...

    Authors: Rabih Fares, Roudna Najem, Souheil Hallit, Antoine Pelissolo, Georges Haddad and Wadih J. Naja
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:164
  31. While Achilles tendon rupture is a common injury sustained especially in sporting events, distal Achilles tendon rupture is less common. Even rarer is a bilateral traumatic distal Achilles tendon sleeve ruptur...

    Authors: Illina Mohd Rothi, Mikael Åkerback and Ville Bister
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:155
  32. Systemic amyloidosis is group of disorders characterized by the accumulation of insoluble proteins in tissues. The most common form of systemic amyloidosis is light chain amyloidosis, which results from the ac...

    Authors: Justin B. Senecal, Romel Abou-Akl, Pat Allevato, Ian Mazzetti, Caroline Hamm, Richa Parikh and Indryas Woldie
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:184
  33. Ovarian vein thrombosis (OVT) often presents in the post-partum period and is associated with significant complications including inferior vena cava extension, pulmonary embolism, sepsis, and renal obstruction...

    Authors: Erwin Yii, Hexiang Yao and Ming Yii
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:147
  34. The clinical manifestation following methanol toxicity accounts for a life-threatening problem that contributes to metabolic disorders, neurological complications, blindness, and even death. There is no comple...

    Authors: Fatemeh Vafapour, Sajad Jahangiri-Mehr and Sajad Hassanzadeh
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:181
  35. Severe laryngeal edema during pregnancy is uncommon but can be encountered, particularly in patients with preeclampsia accompanied by other comorbidities. Careful consideration must be given to balance the urg...

    Authors: Vincent Chrisnata, Adhrie Sugiarto, Erniody Erniody and Aldy Sethiono
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:180
  36. Blood culture-negative infective endocarditis is a potentially severe disease that can be associated with infectious agents such as Bartonella spp., Coxiella burnetti, Tropheryma whipplei, and some fungi.

    Authors: Jonathan Gonçalves-Oliveira, Paulo Vieira Damasco, Matheus Ribeiro da S. Assis, Dominique E. Freitas, Adonai Alvino Pessoa Junior, Luiza S. de Sousa, Nicollas G. Rodrigues, Paula H. Damasco, Pedro F. Ribeiro, Giovanna F. Barbosa, Namir S. Moreira, Jeferson F. Guedes, Henrique M. da Rocha Coutinho, Kalil Madi and Elba R. Sampaio de Lemos
    Citation: Journal of Medical Case Reports 2023 17:143

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