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Table 1 Initial physical examination of the patient

From: Physiotherapy management of acute transverse myelitis in a pediatric patient in a Nigerian hospital: a case report

Outcomes Right Left
Muscle tone Slightly increased in all muscles Considerably increased in all muscles
Active ROM Limited Absent
Passive ROM Full Limited on the hip, absent on the knee and ankle
Spasm Present (intermittent) Present (frequent)
Spasticity MAS 1+ in all joints MAS 4 in the knee and ankle, MAS 2 in the hip
Rigidity Absent Present
Sensation Abnormal shocking sensation below T12 (VRS 8/10) Abnormal shocking sensation below T12 (VRS 8/10)
Deep tendon reflex Exaggerated Exaggerated
Babinski Present with clonus Present with clonus
TA tightness Absent Present
Foot position plantar grade fixed plantar flexion
Gross muscle power OMG 3/5 OMG 1/5
  1. ROM Range Of Movement, MAS Modified Ashworth Scale, T12 Twelfth thoracic vertebra in the spine, VRS Verbal Rating Scale, TA Tendo Achilles, OMG Oxford Muscle Grading