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Table 1 Characteristics of newly diagnosed tuberculosis patients with a multiyear history of diabetes and a recent history of COVID-19

From: COVID-19 and chronic diabetes: the perfect storm for reactivation tuberculosis?: a case series

  TR-241 TR-243 TR-247
 Age in years, Sex 43, male 44, male 49, female
COVID-19 history
 Timing prior to TB diagnosis 3 months 6 months 4 months
 Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG at TB diagnosisb Positive Positive Positive
 Symptoms at the time of the COVID-19 episode:
  Cough Yes Yes Yes
  Fever, chills Yes Yes Yes
  Fatigue Yes Yes Yes
  Loss of smell and taste Yes Yes Yes
  Shortness of breath Yes No No
  Body aches Yes Yes No
Duration of TB signs and symptoms prior to reporting to the TB clinic (days)
 Cough 90 180 120
 Productive cough 60 90 60
 Fever, chills 14 15 14
 Chest pain 3 N/R N/R
 Weight loss 60 60 60
 Fatigue N/R N/R 30
TB diagnosis
 Acid-fast bacilli smear grade (bacilli/field) > 10 > 10 > 10
 M. tuberculosis culturec Positive Positive Positive
TB risk factors and other medical conditions
 Body mass index 13.4 23.7 29
 BCG vaccine Yes Yes Yes
 HIV Negative Negative Negative
 Smoking No No No
 Alcohol excess and illicit drugsd No Yes No
 Type 2 diabetes Yes Yes Yes
  Years with type 2 diabetes 13 y 5 y 6 y
  HbA1c 8.2% 7.5% 10.6%
  Fasting blood glucose (mg/dl) 105 138 126
  Diabetes medicationse Metformin No Glibenclamide metformin
 Other medical conditions Peripheral neuropathy None High blood pressure
History of past TB or TB exposure
 Self-reported past exposure to a TB patient No No Yes, > 2 years ago
 Prior testing for latent TB infection No No No
 Past history of active TB No No No
  1. N/R symptom not reported, TB tuberculosis, SARS-CoV-2 SARS coronavirus 2, COVID-19 coronavirus disease 2019, HIV Human immunodeficiency virus, HbA1c hemoglobin A1c
  2. aAll are Hispanic, White
  3. bAnti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG assay, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL
  4. cM. tuberculosis spp. identified with BioLine MPT64 Rapid, Standard Diagnostics, Korea
  5. dTR-243: > 10 drinks and cocaine on weekends
  6. eTR-247: metformin 1700 mg/d; TR-249: Metformin 500 mg/d and glibenclamide 2.5 mg/day