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Table 1 Previous reports of cerebellar degeneration secondary to PSS

From: Cerebellar degeneration in primary Sjögren syndrome: a case report

  Age Sex Neurologic deficits MRI brain findings Autoantibody Treatment received Treatment effect
Terao et al. 1994 61 M Ataxia, dysarthria, vertigo Cerebellar and frontal lobe atrophy, multiple high-signal-intensity lesions Antineuronal Ab (+) Steroid +
Owada et al. 2002 55 F Motor weakness, ataxia, sensory disturbance, depression, apathy Cerebellar and cerebral cortex atrophy Antineuronal Ab (+) Steroid
Kim et al. 2012 46 F Gait and limb ataxia, depression, delusion Cerebellar atrophy with an enlarged fourth ventricle and cisterna magna Paraneoplastic Ab (−) Steroid
Farhat et al. 2016 30 F Cerebellar ataxia worsening over 4 years associated with tremor of the limbs and the head Bilateral hyperintensities affecting periventricular white matter, with marked cerebellar atrophy Paraneoplastic Ab (−) Steroid and cyclophosphamide
Maciel et al. 2017 36 F Ataxia, dysarthria Cerebellar atrophy Not done Steroid and cyclophosphamide
Heidary et al. 2018 22 F Ataxia with tremor of four limbs Cerebellar atrophy Not done Steroid and cyclophosphamide +
  1. Ab, antibody; F, female; M, male; (+), positive; (−), negative