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Table 2 Demographic and pathologic differences between myelolipoma [6] and myelolipomatous metaplasia

From: Adrenocortical adenoma with myelolipomatous metaplasia: a potential diagnostic pitfall: a case report and review of the literature

  Myelolipoma Myelolipomatous metaplasiaa
Dominant sex No gender predilection Female predominant
Age range, years (mean) 41–84(62) [6] 28–77(52.5)
Chronic disease HTN/DM HTN/DM
Dominant side Right Left
Gross and microscopic feature Well-demarcated macroscopic fat Ill-demarcated microscopic fat
Most common collision tumor ACA ACA
  1. HTN hypertension, DM diabetes mellitus, ACA adrenocortical adenoma
  2. aThe mentioned data are according to current review