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Table 1 Studies of pulmonary thrombosis in patients with Behçet’s syndrome

From: Pulmonary artery thrombosis as the first presentation of Behçet’s syndrome: a case report and review of the literature

No. Study Type Year Ref.
1 An adult male presenting with bloody sputum diagnosed as BS with pulmonary embolism Case report 2020 [18]
2 A young male chest pain diagnosed as BS with pulmonary embolism. Discharged on steroids and anticoagulation Case report 2019 [19]
3 Massive bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism on second day after total hip arthroplasty. Methotrexate withheld 15 days before surgery and restarted second day postoperatively Case report 2019 [20]
4 Adult male with BS for 12 years presented with PTE manifestations. Discharged with monthly doses of CYC, steroids, and warfarin Case report 2018 [21]
5 Young male developed PE and started on apixaban; he presented again with chest pain, so diagnosed with pulmonary vasculitis Behçet’s syndrome; steroids were added and apixaban continued Case report 2018 [22]
6 3 out of 7 Behçet’s syndrome patients with pulmonary vascular disease were diagnosed as PE in Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital from 2009 to 2016.They received immunosuppressive agent and anticoagulant Retrospective 2017 [23]
7 Adult male with DVT on warfarin presented again with PE. Later diagnosed as Behçet’s syndrome. Discharged on azathioprine and steroids Case report 2016 [24]
8 Total of 766 patients with BS, of whom 93 developed thrombosis; 14 patients (15.1% of thrombosis cases) developed PTE Retrospective 2014 [25]
9 13 (28%) out 47 Behçet’s syndrome patients with pulmonary involvement had isolated pulmonary artery thrombus Cohort study 2012 [13]
10 Total of 41 BS patient died; 3 patients were PE Retrospective 2010 [26]
  1. BS: Behçet’s syndrome, PTE: Pulmonary thromboembolism, CYC: cyclophosphamide, PE: Pulmonary embolism, DVT: Deep venous thrombosis