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Table 3 Results of laboratory tests performed to diagnose cold agglutinin disease and determine background infections

From: Cold agglutinin-induced hemolytic anemia during room temperature fluid resuscitation: a case report

Laboratory tests Patient’s results/values Reference range
Direct Coombs test Positive  
Indirect Coombs test Negative  
CA titer at 4 ℃ 1:8192 1:< 256
EBV VCA IgM < 10 < 10
EBV VCA IgG 160 < 10
EBNA 20 < 10
CMV antigenemia Negative  
CMV IgM Negative  
CMV IgG Negative  
Mycoplasma pneumoniae PA titer < 40 < 40
Mycoplasma pneumoniae LAMP Negative  
  1. EBV VCA Epstein–Barr virus viral capsid antigen, EBNA EBV nuclear antigen, CMV Cytomegalovirus, Ig immunoglobulin, PA particle agglutination, LAMP loop-mediated isothermal amplification