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Table 2 Timeline

From: Stereotactic body radiotherapy for adenoid cystic carcinoma metastatic to the lung: a case report

The event Timeline
Initial presentation T = 0
Radiological investigations (CT scan and MRI) T = 1 month
Carbon ion radiotherapy for the primary tumor T = 2 months
Increase in the size of metastatic lung tumors T = 32 months
First CyberKnife for right upper lung tumor T = 32 months
Radiation pneumonitis grade 1 T = 35 months
Second CyberKnife for right lower lung tumor T = 38 months
Third CyberKnife for left lower lung tumor T = 47 months
No signs of recurrence or no adverse events T = 53 months
  1. CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging