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Table 1 Laboratory and endocrinological data

From: Primary aldosteronism concurrent with subclinical Cushing’s syndrome: a case report and review of the literature

Blood routine examination
 White blood cells6.46 × 109/L
 Red blood cells5.14 × 1012/L
 Hemoglobin152 g/L
 Platelets224 × 109/L
 Total protein68 g/L
 Albumin44 g/L
 Aspartate aminotransferase15 U/L
 Alanine aminotransferase11 U/L
 Blood urea nitrogen5 mmol/L
 Creatinine86 umol/L
 Na149 mmol/L
 K1.9 mmol/L
 Cl98 mmol/L
 Total cholesterol3.91 mmol/L
 Fasting blood glucose4.8 mmol/L
Urinary excretion
 Cortisol2306.06 nmol/24 hours
Function of thyroid gland
 Triiodothyronine0.93 ng/ml
 Thyroxine6.08 μg/dl
 Free triiodothyronine2.63 pg/ml
 Free thyroxine0.90 ng/dl
 Hypersensitive thyroid-stimulating hormone1.48 uIU/ml
Other hormones
 Parathyroid hormone52.5 pg/ml
 Metanephrine118.6 ng/L
 Normetanephrine109.2 ng/L