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Table 2  World Health Organization revised criteria for the diagnosis of Polycytemia Vera [3]

From: Combined venous and arterial thrombosis revealing underlying myeloproliferative disorder in a young patient: a case report

Major criteria
 1. Hb >18.5 g/dL (men)/>16.5 g/dL (women) or Hb or Hct >99th percentile of reference range for age, sex, or altitude of residence or RBC mass >25% above mean normal predicted or Hb >17 g/dL (men)/>15 g/dL (women) if associated with a sustained increase of ≥2 g/dL from baseline that cannot be attributed to correction of iron deficiency
 2. Presence of JAK2 V617F or JAK2 exon 12 mutation
Minor criteria
 1. Trilineage proliferation in Bone Marrow
 2. Subnormal Erythropoietin level
 3. Endogenous erythroid colony growth
 PV diagnosis =2 major criteria and 1 minor criterion OR the first major criterion and 2 minor criteria
  1. Hct hematocrit, Hb hemoglobin, PV polycythemia vera, RBC red blood cell